Destination to visit while Dubai Honeymoon

Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates is famous for its superlatives i.e. tallest, largest, highest, fastest and biggest. In recent years, it is growing a lot due to good infrastructure and becoming popular among tourists for its excellent amenities. Here are some of the major destinations and attractions that a couple can visit during their honeymoon in Dubai.

10. Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum

The museum is the place where one can understand the history or development of the place. This Dubai Museum is also of the same kind that tells you about the transformation from desert Dubai to the Megapolis Arab settlements. It includes historical costumes, weapons, tools, unique dioramas, local antiquities as well as artifacts and other archaeological findings. It shows the historical past behind this Megapolis country.

9. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach

This beach is named after the Jumeirah district of Dubai. It is the most famous beach in Dubai, stretches to 7 km, divided into seven beaches. Each of the seven beaches stretch miles in length. White sand of the beach allures everyone. Its frontage has large hotels, resorts and housing developments like Burj Al Arab, Wild Wadi Park, Jumeirah Beach hotel, etc. So here, you can enjoy at several beaches with the nice views of skyscrapers.

8. Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi

Wild Wadi is a popular water park located in front of the Burj Al Arab and on the Jumeirah Beach. It offers approximately 30 rides and many other amusement things for all the families. Children enjoy the most in this park. You can enjoy sightseeing water and skyscrapers from here. You will absolutely find it an unforgettable experience. This park is open from November to February ( 10 am – 6 pm ), from March to May ( 10 am – 7 pm ), and from June to August ( 10 am – 8 pm ).

7. Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a new tourist destination located in the heart of the city. It is popularly known as ‘New Dubai’, one of the best model city in the world. It has the largest man-made marina in the world and is inhabited by super yachts. With breathtaking views, walkways and boat rides, one can enjoy there to the fullest. If you are a keen yachting enthusiast, then there are many opportunities to explore regional yachting destinations on your own.

6. Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is popular among youngsters, elders, children as everyone like to enjoy skiing over that platform. From the beginner to the snow enthusiast, there is something for everyone. It is the first and the exquisite indoor ski resort in the Middle East. Here you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing or just play in the snow with your partner. This is the only place in Dubai where you can enjoy real snow skiing all year round. Clothing for ski is not a problem here as they provide every equipment as well as proper winter clothing. So you just have to enjoy here.

5. Palm Island

Palm Island

Palm island has everything that anyone needs to enjoy during a fascinating holiday break. Luxury shopping centers, malls, hotels and many other things. Due to all this, it is becoming a tourist hub. You will surely immerse in its beauty. The magnificent sunset, spas, swimming pools and beautiful gardens take you to the height. Many daytime activities including water sports, aquariums, parks, miles of beaches, clubs, nightlife, all offer plenty of fun and amusement.

4. Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

The largest mall in the whole world is in Dubai known as the Dubai Mall. Over 12 million sq ft, it has a total floor area of 5.9 million square. It has everything under one roof, so you can enjoy lots of activities takes place here. Dubai Aquarium and underwater Zoo are the main attractions. 60,000 tickets had been sold for this aquarium in the first five days of its opening. More than 75,000 visitors go there every week. It is found to be the most visited shopping mall in the world. It contains 250 luxury hotels, 22 cinema screens plus 120 restaurants and cafes, more than 1,200 shops. This mall has several records. One of the records is of the world’s largest sweet shop “Candylicious” spreading over an area of 10,000 sq ft inside the mall. In March 2010 itself there is a record of 5 million visitors visited the mall. It is the world’s best fun and amusement destination for everyone.

3. Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain

World’s largest dancing fountain is again in Dubai. It is one of the world’s most amazing fountains located in front of the world’s tallest tower. This fountain is set on the 30-acre Burj Khalifa Lake and the height of it is equivalent to that of a 50-storey building i.e. 900 ft long. It has five circles of different sizes and two central arcs that gives it a masterpiece view. It was designed by California based WET with 6,600 Superlights and 25 color projectors. This fountain’s light can be seen from over 20 miles away and also visible from space. It is the brightest point in the middle east. It performs daily on the award winning songs of the nation.

2. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is also known as the ‘Tower of the Arabs’ is the world’s only 7-star luxury hotel soars to a height of 321 meters. It was designed by Tom Wright having total 66 floors in it. It is the fourth tallest hotel in the world dominating the Dubai skyline. No holiday tour is complete without seeing it. It is the most photographed structure in the world due to which lots of tourists come here. You can also take photographs as there are many points from where you can take the photographs of pristine beaches and other skyscrapers. It contains bars, underwater restaurants, tennis court, cocktail sky view bar, etc. so this site is like a heaven on the earth.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, the most popular attraction of Dubai is the world’s tallest tower (829.8 m) with 153 floors. It is among the top tourists attractions of Dubai. It was designed as the centerpiece including 30,000 homes, nine hotels, 3 hectares of parkland, 19 residential towers, Burj Khalifa Lake, Dubai Mall and many more things. This is the only tallest freestanding structure in the middle east. The journey of this tower begins from the Dubai mall and then till the top floor, you will be entertained by multimedia presentation of the exotic history of Dubai. Its twisting design captivates you surely.
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